Our team

Wolfgang Maas

Wolfgang Maas, born 1958, has 25 years of experience in software development and application integration. In 1986, he founded Maas High Tech, primarily engaged in high-level integrations of complex heterogeneous systems and enterprise software development. Wolfgang Maas is a competent consultant and conceptionist of ECM projects for his exclusive customers and a leading head in new developments in the field of cloud-based ECM solutions.

Wolfgang Maas can be reached via the mail address: wolfgang.maas@maas.de

Katja Maas

Katja Maas, born in 1986, trained as an insurance saleswoman, completed her bachelor’s degree in business informatics in 2012 and has been working at Maas Holding GmbH since 2012, holding a management position in the Oxs.eco product area.

Katja Maas can be reached via the mail address: katja.maas@maas.de

Daniel Colucci

Daniel Colucci, born in 1964, graduated in engineering and studied computer science at the Universitè de Technologie de Compiégne, specializing in information technology. He has worked for our company since 1990 and is responsible for product development and product management of AFP2web and OXS.eco Transformation Service. Your perfect contact for our product AFP2web.

Daniel Colucci can be reached via the mail address: daniel.colucci@maas.de