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The contact details of the company:

Maas Holding GmbH
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phone: 0711-77917-0

The contact details of the data protection officer:

Maas Holding GmbH
data protection officer
Egartenstr. 7/1
70794 Filderstadt


Statement on the significance of data protection:
As a user of our website, you will receive in this privacy policy all necessary information on how, to what extent and for what purpose we or third parties collect and use data from you. The collection and use of your data is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act. The collection of these personal data takes place on a voluntary basis, as far as possible. Also, we only pass on this data to third parties with your express consent.

Information, deletion, blocking:
At any time, you will receive free information about the personal data we have stored about you as well as the origin, the recipient and the purpose of data collection and data processing. In addition, you have the right to request the correction, blocking or deletion of your data. This does not apply to data that is stored due to legal regulations or required for the proper conduct of business. To ensure that a data lock can be realized at any time, we hold data for control purposes in a lock file held. If data is not recorded by a legal archiving obligation, we delete your data at your request. For all questions and concerns regarding the correction, blocking or deletion of personal data, please contact our data protection officer using the contact details in this privacy policy.

We use cookies on our website. These small text files are stored on your PC from our server. They support the presentation of our website and help you to navigate our website. Cookies collect data about your IP address, browser, operating system and internet connection. We do not associate this information with personal data and do not share it with third parties. You may also use our website without the use of cookies, which may result in limited representation and functionality of our offer. If you want to deactivate the cookies, you can do this through special settings of your browser. Please use its help function to make the appropriate changes. You can manage online ad cookies through the following link:

Provision of paid services:
If you wish to use the services and services offered on our website, we may need to collect further data from you for billing purposes and for security reasons. This usually includes your name, a valid e-mail address and, if necessary, your address and telephone number as well as more information depending on the individual case. It may also involve content that allows us to verify the information provided, such as your ownership of the email address provided. For legal reasons, we must ensure that you really want to receive the services offered and that we can properly invoice you for the service. We work in payment transactions to secure your data with the encryption standard SSL, recognizable by the browser line “https: //”.

Collection of access data:
The delivery and presentation of content via our website technically requires the collection of certain data. With their access to our website, the so-called server log files are recorded by us or the provider of the web space. These log files do not allow any conclusion on you and your person. The information consists of the name of the website, the file, the current date, the amount of data, the web browser and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of your Internet provider, the referrer URL as the page from which you have switched to our site, as well as the corresponding IP address.

Use of Google AdSense:
We include ads from Google AdSense on our website. Google AdSense is a remarketing feature of Google Inc. It enables us to offer matched, interest-based ads to visitors to our sites. Cookies are used. These text files stored on your computer generate information that makes you recognizable as a visitor by, for example, identifying your IP address. In addition, web beacons are also used. These are invisible graphics that analyze the flow of visitors to a website. All of this information is provided by Google to its server in the USA. Google denies in this context the storage of personal data and the merger of IP addresses with other Google services. However, Google Inc. is not prevented from disclosing the information to third parties. You have the option to stop this remarketing feature. The necessary settings can be found on the following website: You are already blocking the storage of cookies via the page The same result can be achieved via the corresponding settings in your browser, which are explained in the help function. Without cookies, representations and functions of our website may be restricted. By using our web site, you periodically agree that Google collects and processes the designated data in remarketing in the manner described above.

Google AdWords:
We use Google AdWords, an online advertising program from Google Inc., on our website. It also uses conversion tracking. With this tool, Google AdWords sets a cookie on your PC when you visit our website through a Google ad. The cookie is no longer valid after 30 days. It does not serve any personal traceability. If you visit our website as a user and the cookie is still working, it will become clear to us, together with Google, that you have clicked on the corresponding ad and have been redirected to our site. Each Google AdWords customer is assigned a different cookie. Cookies are thus not traceable via the website of the advertiser. Conversion cookie data is used to generate conversion statistics for advertisers. We, as a customer, experience the total number of users who responded to our ad and then went to a site that was tagged with a conversion tracking tag. We do not receive any information in this process that could personally identify you as a user. If you decline the tracking process, the Google Conversion Tracking cookie can be disabled through your Internet browser. If necessary, use the help function of the browser for further information. For more information about Google’s privacy policy, please visit

Using Google Analytics:
We use the web analytics service Google Analytics from Google Inc. on our website. This uses cookies. These are text files that allow you to analyze your user behavior with respect to our website by saving it on your PC. The cookies generate information that is transmitted to a Google server. The servers are usually located in the US, but they have agreements to use the European Economic Area and cut their IP address before they are sent to the United States. Only in exceptional cases will the IP address be shortened after transmission to the USA. Google evaluates the information provided and provides in this context, other services for us website operators. The determined IP address is not merged with other Google services. By changing your browser settings, you can prevent the storage of cookies on your computer. However, this may be associated with display and functional restrictions when using our website. A browser plugin also prevents the collection and use of the data generated by the cookies. You can download it at the following link: Learn more about the privacy policies of Google and Google Analytics at: or

Google Analytics Remarketing:
We use the remarketing function of Google Inc. on our website. With this feature, together with Google, we are presenting our visitors with customized and interest-based ads. In doing so, cookies are set on your computer. These are text files that allow users to recognize pages when they visit pages, thus enabling interest-based advertising across the entire Google network. In this context, Google denies the collection of personal data and claims that it does not connect to other Google services. You can opt out of remarketing by completing settings at Furthermore, the use of cookies can be deactivated via or through changed settings in your browser. If necessary, use its help function. For more information about Google Marketing and Google’s general privacy policy, please visit

Google Maps Plugin:
We use a plugin of the internet service Google Maps on our website. Google Maps is operated by Google Inc., located in the United States, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View. By using Google Maps on our website, information about the use of this website and your IP address will be transmitted to and stored on a Google server in the United States. We have no knowledge of the exact content of the submitted data, nor about their use by Google. The company denies in this context the connection of the data with information from other Google services and the collection of personal data. However, Google may transmit the information to third parties. If you disable Javascript in your browser, you prevent the execution of Google Maps. But you can not use a map display on our website. By using our site, you consent to the collection and processing of the information by Google Inc. as described. For more information on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, please visit: .html.

Google+ plugin:
We use Google+ features on our website. The social network is offered by Google Inc., which is based in the US, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View. Google+ allows you to publish content globally using its button. You’ll also be offered personalized content from Google and partner providers. Google stores your rating (+1) about content and information from websites that you clicked on (+1). Your +1 rating can be viewed with your profile name and photo in other Google services. Google collects your total +1 activity. This collection is designed to optimize and personalize the Google offering for you. To use the Google+ platform, create a globally visible profile under a name you choose. The chosen name also applies to the other Google services. If you know your e-mail address, you will be able to access your Google+ profile. Google uses the data collected in its privacy policy, among other things for the production of statistics that are summarized to partner companies or otherwise used. Details on the use of the data and the privacy policy can be found at Under the link you will also find instructions for personal privacy settings on Google+.

Google reCAPTCHA
This website uses the “reCAPTCHA” service of Google Inc. (“Google”) to distinguish whether the completion of the forms provided on
this website is by a natural person or abusive by machine automated processing. This includes the sending of the IP address and possibly further data required by Google for reCAPTCHA to Google. This applies to Google’s different privacy policies, which can be found at By using this website, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, please do not use the website.

Third-party content and services:
The offer on our website may also include content, services and services of other providers that complement our offer. Calling these services from third parties regularly requires the transmission of your IP address. This makes it possible for these providers to use their user IP address and also to save it. We have no control over which third party providers may store the IP address. Should we become aware of third-party storage practices, we will immediately notify our users of this fact.

Personal data:
In the context of data avoidance and data minimization, we collect personal data only to the extent and for the time necessary for the use of our website or as required by law. If the purpose of the data collection ceases to be necessary, or if the end of the legal storage period is reached, the collected data will be blocked or deleted. Our website can be used regularly without the transmission of personal data. When we collect personal information – such as your name, address or email address – this data collection is voluntary. Without an expressly given notice from your side, this data will not be disclosed to third parties. Please note that data on the Internet is generally not always transmitted securely.

Server log files:
The server logfiles are anonymized data collected when you access our website. This information does not allow any conclusions to be drawn personally, but for technical reasons, it is indispensable for the delivery and presentation of our content. Typical log files are the date and time of access, the amount of data, the browser used for access and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of the provider you request, the page from which you came to our offer and your IP address. Address.

Consent and revocation:
Person-related data can be deleted at any time from us. Data for billing and accounting purposes are not affected by a cancellation / cancellation or deletion.

Storage time:
Personal data that has been communicated to us through our website will only be stored until the purpose is fulfilled and entrusted to us. As far as commercial and tax retention periods are to be observed, the storage period for certain data can be up to 10 years.

Links to other websites:
we occasionally refer to the websites of third parties. Although we select these third parties carefully, we can not guarantee and be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the content and the data security of third party websites. Also, this privacy policy does not apply to linked third-party websites.

All information contained on this website is checked with great care. However, we can not guarantee that the contents of our own websites are always correct, complete and up-to-date.

Protection of certain groups of people:
Persons under the age of 18 should not submit any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or guardians. We do not perform age checks. Therefore, minors may not register with us, contract with us or use services.