1986 Foundation of Maas High Tech GmbH as a system development company

1989 Alignment with highly scalable architecture frameworks.

Development of individual solutions for insurance companies and financial institutions – including projects at Deutsche Bank and Stuttgarter Versicherung – for handling business processes.

1997 Start of the development of the H2W architecture (HOST2Web)

Expansion to include solutions for document management. Development of the “AFP2web” solution.

2000 Launch of the conversion engine for AFP

Launch of the conversion engine for “AFP” print data streams into “TIFF” or “PDF” formats.

2002 Further development into SOA-based ECM framework

2005 Start of further development to OXSEED architecture

Development of the cloud-based document platform “OXSEED”, which maps the entire document flow in the enterprise according to requirements. The OXSEED platform precisely maps the document flows in the enterprises – from incoming mail through the departments to the archive. From the departments to the research and creation of new documents to the dispatch via the Internet or letter post.

2007 Start of business activity of OXSEED AG

2009 Merger OXSEED AG and Maas High Tech Software GmbH

2013 Dissolution of Oxseed AG. Change of name to Maas Holding GmbH and OXSEED UG

2014 Development of the cloud-based ECM solution OXS.eco

2015 New Release 6.0 of our cloud-based ECM solution OXS.eco

2016 Change of name from OXSEED UG to OXS.eco GmbH

2020 Merger of OXS.eco GmbH with Maas Holding GmbH