What is OXS.eco?

OXS.eco is a web-based platform for the digital organization of your documents and information. You have instant access to all your archived data at any time, anywhere. With OXS.eco you do not have to worry about where you have stored which documents. The problem with lost documents is also a thing of the past with OXS.eco, because all your documents are archived and stored in the same location. No one can alter or manipulate your data. Your original remains your original! For transforming all incoming and outgoing documents, e.g. according to PDF™, we use our proven transformation solution AFP2web®.

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Optimize workflows

In order to optimize your processes for the processing of documents and information, you can adapt the work processes to your business rules according to your needs. You can also create links with other processes. In order to provide you with more security, speed and productivity, OXS.eco has functions for processing, checking, sharing and automatic routing that control the processes. This prevents invoices, orders and contracts from remaining in pending state or from not being approved.


Digital filing cabinet

With OXS.eco, you can quickly find your documents and information again, since the digitized data is filed in a structured manner. This also improves the ability of your employees of being informed, thus saving their time to work on other tasks. Collaboration and sharing of documents is supported by OXS.eco.


Audit-proof archiving

OXS.eco fulfills the audit-proof archival of your documents and information. This means that all your data is protected against manipulation. The platform is also compliant with the requirements on data access and auditing of digital documents. This is an important aspect for financial authorities approving your archived tax-relevant documents. OXS.eco’s digital processes help you to comply with the legally required storage and provision of your data.


User friendliness

In order to make your digital work with documents and information as simple as possible, user friendliness comes first. In order to work productively, we have designed the OXS.eco user interface intuitively and clearly. This allows OXS.eco to be easily integrated into your workplace and processing workflows. With a configurable digital desktop and a clear file structure, your data is available within seconds. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access and a web browser.


Digital post delivery

Whether digital by e-mail or by manual means (post, etc.), with OXS.eco you have a digital mailing at the same time. The annoying printing of documents, folding, enveloping and franking is done for you. Therefor, lean back and enjoy your spare time. Your document is sent with one click.


Saving of costs

With OXS.eco you save big bucks. You minimize administrative costs, save on personnel costs by reducing manual activities. These savings can be used productively in other ways. OXS.eco’s easy-to-use, intuitive user interface eliminates the need for training.



Security is our capital concern in OXS.eco. As a result, our servers are located in high-availability data centers with a location in Germany or Europe. The highest standards of data security are met. When you import, your data is stored encrypted, gets a signature and an entry stamp. Your application is accessed using 256-bit SSL encryption.



We automatically update OXS.eco for you and keep the application up to the latest security standards. This means that you do not have to pay more time and, of course, you do not have to pay any extra costs, because all services related to application updating are included in the price.


The API of OXS.eco

We provide web-based APIs to our archival, ECM, and transformation capabilities, which allow you to view external archive topics or to initiate processing operations. In addition, we offer interfaces to well-known accounting and ERP systems and we also develop customized interfaces for your applications in order to integrate OXS.eco smoothly into your processes. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further details.
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Typical application scenarios for OXS.eco are:

Fast and convenient – digital invoice exchange:

The conversion to the electronic invoice exchange pays off threefold. You save money, time and files. E-Invoicing with OXS.eco provides you with a comprehensive management for the acceptance, organization and transmission of invoices. The supported electronic exchange formats are versatile. Whether PDF™, TIFF or structured and standardized ASCII formats such as EDIFACT* or ZUGFeRD**, all conceivable files can be provided and delivered using our integrated transformation solution AFP2web®. The automated input, distribution and archiving of invoices can significantly optimize your processing process.

At the outset the printing, enveloping and sending of the invoices are not necessary and the payments are usually made more promptly. Business contact data from adjacent enterprise applications, such as ERP or CRM systems, can be easily integrated, for example, to access e-mail addresses for sending invoices and avoid redundant data retention. Through the OXS.eco Web client, you have control over the shipping status at any time.

*EDIFACT: Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport; A cross-sectoral international standard for the format of electronic data in business transactions.
**ZUGFeRD: A specification for the electronic invoice of the same name in Germany; Developed by the Forum of Electronic Invoices Germany.

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The entrance in view – Incoming mail processing:

Incoming documents, whether invoices, orders or contracts require a tailored receipt procedure. OXS.eco enables the electronic processing of individual process rules such as distribution, screening, processing, checking or approval of incoming documents, thus simplifying your various processing paths without media disruption. Automatic document classification and archiving is always the basis of process control.
Shipping under control – Outgoing mail processing:

Any company content can be sent. It doesn´t matter whether the documents are generated in adjacent systems or created by OXS.eco. The OXS.eco-Postkorb has a wide range of mail channels, which can be freely configured. Documents could be sent by e-mail electronically, provided on other network drives or database providers, or, if desired, also sent by post. In addition to PDF™, XML and other text formats are also available for electronic delivery. The shipping management always includes an archival of the documents to be stored by the customer or the recipient. The OXS.eco Web client allows various users with appropriate authorizations to search for and retrieve their own documents.

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Filing, structuring, recovery – the archive:

Via OXS.eco, various documents and e-mails can be archived and retrieved quickly. Configurable file structures allow your business content to be organized at all times, helping you to organize your documents, no matter what volume you have to deal with.

Whether you are scanning documents or importing digital files from your adjacent IT systems, we provide you with suitable import interfaces. Using the integrated AFP2web® conversion software, a large number of file formats can be processed to store documents as PDF™ or PDF/A™, the archive standard format. Scanned documents can be automatically recognized for advanced preprocessing by OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Whether barcode or full-text recognition, OXS.eco supports a wide range of document classifications.

OXS.eco is a crucial building block for compliance with legal regulations for your company’s internal processes through our revision-proof archiving procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this topic.

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Process processing in app format:

The OXS.eco Cockpit* lets you control your documents and files. With this 360° view of enterprise data and process conditions, individual apps can be integrated that support your daily requirements. This makes it possible to handle billing, bookings and payments as well as contract file and deadline management.

*Cockpit: In order to have the most important information at a glance, such as contracts, customer data, documents about individual drivers in a forwarding company, the cockpit acts like a table of contents or a cover sheet with the most important information. You can add further documents and information, update existing contracts and also enter dates. Cockpit has a reminder function, so you do not miss any appointments, because Cockpit sends you a reminder!