OXSEED and 4cast extend their long-term partnership

Bielefeld, June 17, 2010
Since 2003, the 4cast Consulting for Software and Technology e.K acts as consulting and sales partner of the OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft. The formation of 4cast Software GmbH extends the long-term partnership. The company serves as a sales support for the OXSEED product and SaaS portfolio in the German-speaking world. Next to the sales aspect, the extended partnership brings an additional synergy effect on customer care and support.

The co-operation between OXSEED AG and the 4cast Consulting for Software and Technology e.K. persists for more than seven years. As a software manufacturer, the OXSEED AG will concentrate more closely on software development as its core competency. This requires an extension and rearrangement of its existing partnerships.

We are happy to announce that OXSEED AG has chosen 4cast Software GmbH to act as its highly valued consulting and sales partner. As a benefit, all current customers shall receive a customer care and premium support. In addition, customers participate in the development of new and extended products and services.

The extended partnership is viewed by both companies as a clear advantage for customers who benefit from the added value of 4cast and receive the high-quality products and services of OXSEED.