OXSEED sponsored more than 200 pupils and students a visit to CeBIT in Hannover.

As usual, OXSEED presented itself this year once again at the CeBIT in Hannover. To give interested students the possibility to join the event and to get informed about the new trends in the IT-scene, OXSEED sponsored the trip for more than 200 pupils and students. Every day a minimum of 40 pupils and students went on a return journey from different universities and academies in Bielefeld to Hannover.

Adorned with an OXSEED shirt, they were walking all over the huge exhibition center.

Particularly our trainees enjoyed presenting the OXSEED AG and our products to their classes, which also joined us for one day at the CeBIT.

The campaign not only aimed to awake the interests of the students, but also gained much notice because of the shirts. As a result, the OXSEED shirts attracted a lot of people to the OXSEED booth.
We really appreciate the cooperation with the students and the teachers. We are looking back to an exciting week at the CeBIT in Hannover.