Oriented towards customer requirements, OXSEED restructures the on demand offering

When we started work on offering and running software solutions in the Internet, cloud computing was still unimaginable to most people. What previously was a matter only for pioneers, now belongs – according to the Gartner marketing research institute – to the top 3 of the most important IT trends of 2011.

When our new OXSEED release becomes due in 2011, we shall restructure our on-demand offering to better meet the requirements of a developing market and the needs of our customers.

In doing so, we put the emphasis on improving our OXSEED Editions. When providing the encompassing OXSEED-Platform for Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Document Transformation, a stronger focus will be laid on the actual usage. As a result, it will become possible to finely adjust the services and the functional scope to the requirements of the customer – according to our slogan: Served on demand.

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