OXSEED and its Cloud Solutions on the Path to Growth

Specialist in On-Demand ECM at the CeBIT 2011

Bielefeld, Feb 24th, 2011
High spirits reign at the OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft in Bielefeld and Stuttgart. The business year 2010 is, once again, a very successful one for the German producer of Web-based solutions for business process and document management. In the course of the last year, business and turnover nearly doubled for the OXSEED On Demand platform. More than 1000 companies of the most varying sectors are now using OXSEED for applications, such as invoice management, document archival, or Web-based process management.

In the current business year, OXSEED shall continue its path to growth. „The topics which currently gain the highest interest include “Cloud Computing” and “Software as a Service” and bear totally new opportunities for companies and organizations. Cloud solutions, as an opportunity, enhance the capability to act in a global competition and, as an effort, remain calculable and can do without high investments. More and more companies decide against running their own applications for supporting services, such as invoice processing or electronic archival,” says Marcus Hartman, member of the Management Board at OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft.

Also during the CeBIT, which takes place from March 1 to 5, the focus is set on the IT trend of the year. Under the motto „Work and Life with the Cloud“, OXSEED will present itself again at the world’s largest information and technology trade show in Hannover. At the showcase of KODAK (Halle 3, E30), the experts of the software provider shall demonstrate concepts and solutions based on the powerful OXSEED On Demand platform.

– – OXSEED Billing, the OXSEED cloud solution, which covers all steps of the invoicing process: the entry of data from the billing system up to the generation of invoices, their on-line delivery up to the legally-compliant and audit-proof archival.

– OXSEED Invoices is an on-demand solution for the receipt of electronic invoices in combination with the follow-on electronic processing of these invoices. From the manual or automatic invoice receipt and entry, review, release, approval, account allocation up to posting to the accounts.

– OXSEED Archive, which combines the advantages of decentralized access via Internet with those of a centralized and date-controlled retention of electronic data. All requirements of a legally-secure and audit-proof storage and retention of data are fulfilled, including comfortable facilities for research.

– AFP2web® is a highly-scalable software solution for the capturing, indexing, splitting, conversion, distribution, and archival of electronic documents and high-volume print data streams. AFP2web makes it possible to transform existing data and documents into any type of data and document format.

„At the CeBIT, we present on-demand solutions, which alleviate the daily work and which increase the productivity of our customers, because our products can add daily support to the processes of the most diverse companies. We invite the people to come to us and to convince themselves of the opportunities of the cloud,” emphasizes Anne-Laureen Lauven, Marketing Manager at OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft.