OXSEED servicing the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen in Africa!

“To help people in need of care worldwide. From human being to human being.” That is the motto of the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. As a sign of humanity they have been working for the people in need worldwide for many years. Now OXSEED supports them in their work at two hospitals in the outback in Doung and Rumbek as well as at the base station in Sudan. Acting fast and effectively on an international level plays a most important role in this case.

The transparency of their work is of particular importance to an aid- and human-rights organization such as Hoffnungszeichen. Lastly, the organization was awarded a special prize by PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers).

Especially invoices, coming in at the locations in Africa or the head office in Singen, which are directly verified, approved, paid and arranged will be administered in the OXSEED Archive in the future. This platform establishes a central access for all responsible team members. Long and time-consuming postal deliveries are avoided and the time required for storing and searching is reduced. At the same time, the administration costs could be reduced and the transparency of their invoice management accomplished.

The resulting savings in time and charges make it possible for the assistants to concentrate their efforts on their core business: Namely, to help fast and effectively!