Was ist das Besondere an OXS.eco?

Wir bieten Ihnen langjährige Kundenexpertise, eine umfassende ECM-Plattform, optimale Service Bereitstellung sowie beste Integrations-Möglichkeiten über das servicebasierte Ox.exo SDK! Das alles kombiniert und integriert in der OXS.eco GRID-Architektur.

Warum OXS.eco

Und warum Software als Service und nicht als Box? Warum On Demand ECM?

  • Schneller und einfacher
  • Keine verborgenen Kosten
  • Automatische, kostenlose Aktualisierungen
  • Zugriff jederzeit und von überall
Vorteile für OXS.eco Nutzer

The Unique Platform for an On-Demand ECM

OXS.eco is the first and only ECM platform in the world provided according to the Software-as-a-Service concept. OXS.eco offers the complete range of ECM functionality through an integrated, virtual platform built with a trend-setting SOA architecture. It is up to you to exploit the archival, DMS, and workflow services of the OXS.eco platform and to build requirements-based applications, which can be delivered directly through the Internet. OXS.eco has more to offer than standard product functionality. We listen to our customers and incorporate their ideas to enhance usability and to achieve technologically leading ECM solutions.

User-Defined Applications Using the Enterprise Administration

The Enterprise Administration of OXS.eco enables enterprises to provide both standardized ECM and user-defined enterprise applications in one single environment using only one model for metadata and content. Content sharing capabilities are provided through only one user interface. You can use the Scenario Designer and the Layout Designer of the Enterprise Administration to develop your own enterprise applications. Use the Digital Rights Manager to assign role-based rights which can be applied at level of content objects. Use the Process/Rules Designer to implement business rules and workflow scenarios which meet your requirements.

User-Friendliness at Its Best

Just ask one of the users of the OXS.eco technology. Our customers are enthusiastic about OXS.eco. This is the noticeable difference to the user’s perception in earlier days, when complex projects were required to build in-house document management, electronic archival, and workflows – often ending in the first pilot phase because of the complexity. We provide relief in the form of a user-friendly, clearly organized, and customizable user interface. The system adapts to the user and not vice versa.

Multi-Level Integration

The introduction of enterprise content management inevitably bears the need to integrate with other business applications and, thus, to ensure business process continuity without interruption because of inconsistent media formats. Our on-demand ECM solution is easy to integrate within your existing environment. OXS.eco provides an efficient interfacing framework through the OXS.eco SDK. The OXS.eco SDK bundles various Web services interfaces into one interface. This makes it possible to integrate OXS.eco at any functional level. Besides this, the platform offers the Integration Layer, which provides additional standard integration capabilities to optimize business processes

A Visionary Architectur

The grid architecture of OXS.eco offers capabilities, which are completely new. OXS.eco runs as virtual platform and is thus completely independent from any underlying server or storage hardware. Whether we want to save your data in a cloud by google, amazon, microsoft or classic in a server at home, is up to you. OXS.eco is completely implemented as SOA and thus consists solely of various Web services through which the Application Layer function blocks are provided. This technologically leading architecture offers all possible options with respect to scalability, availability, security, and integration capability.

Leading Security Concept

Your business content is in safe hands at OXS.eco. Definitely. OXS.eco security functionality is thoroughly tested and guarantees full protection of your business data. We continuously improve our first-class security infrastructure. We do not outsource the platform operation but, instead, we take the full responsibility for maintaining and updating our security technology. This results in first-class security, data protection, and absolute reliability.