Delivering scanned documents directly to the desktop via Internet

Extending the successful cooperation between KODAK and OXSEED

Bielefeld, June 14, 2010

Following their successful cooperation in the area of marketing, KODAK and OXSEED now launch a joint solution which simplifies and accelerates the handling of business documents. The program is integrated in the network-ready new KODAK Scan Station 500. Its task is to deliver scanned documents directly to the OXSEED platform – from there, the respective process for document handling is automatically started.

OXSEED used the integration tools of KODAK to develop an interface between the OXSEED On Demand platform and the KODAK Scan Station 500. This makes it possible for the users of the scan station to select the OXSEED platform as a target system for the scanned documents. When selected, the image of a scanned document will be delivered to the workstations of OXSEED users via Internet.

The software manufacturer announces to refrain from developing custom scan clients. The process experts shall therefore opt to support all scan appliances and scanners, such as the Scan Station 500 of KODAK, and shall recommend the use of these appliances in all customer projects with distributed locations.

The product management of OXSEED AG furthermore declares that the joint offering made by their document experts shall target industrial manufacturers or services with distributed locations, such as hotel groups, commercial enterprises or insurance companies operating with a network of brokers.

Customers installing the Scan Station 500 will be able to select a custom configuration and save a profile. In this profile, they determine the E-mail address or the FTP server to which the scanner shall deliver documents.

After configuring the profile, the user will be able to use the touch screen to select a target destination, such as “Scan to OXSEED”. The colleagues can see the digitally received documents immediately after scanning on their work stations, process , re-index and release the documents for booking.

Depending on the type of the OXSEED platform application, a dedicated process is started – such as a process for invoice handling, the booking of a payment or the archival of a voucher.

“The OXSEED AG makes full use of all possible functions and advantages of the network scanner”, says Günter Wittlinger, lead of Document Imaging Marketing and Sales at KODAK. “The Scan Station 500 replaces the work station at the scan client. Neither the scanner nor OXSEED requires any installation. Companies with many locations can roll out the solution quickly and without the need for any Web or mail server.”

“To branch offices or hotels, we offer the extremely fast and unproblematic solution for delivering documents such as invoices electronically to the workstations of the handling clerks”, Marcus Hartmann emphasizes, member of the management board at OXSEED AG. “Immediately upon scanning, the document appears at the workstation and seamlessly flows into the document handling processes.”