Simple and safe archiving in the cloud – easy handling of all important documents with myOXSEED

Bielefeld, 13th July, 2012

Only when we have lost an important document we realize the importance of having a clear structure in our document filing. Whether at work or at home – with you can access your documents anytime and anywhere. As an experienced specialist in cloud computing and document management for business, OXSEED AG is now offering myOXSEED for safe archival of documents in the cloud, a service which is available for free up to a specific storage volume.

OXSEED is a specialist in cloud computing solutions for business applications. Companies already realized the importance and benefits of professional management of their documents and therefore often relied on the outsourcing of such tasks. It is an obvious prerequisite that all processed and archived documents be archived safely to meet auditing and legal requirements. Now the company offers its know-how and the technical criteria to enable safe and easy archiving for small businesses or single users. Even in these areas, a clear order and structure of documents can save much time and trouble. From now on, everyone can apply for free and create their own individual archive on, a clearly structured area for documents which makes an end to the desperate search for guarantee receipts, invoices, contracts, in the basement, or in the paper mess on the desktop.

The handling of documents such as contracts, invoices, records, or tax records, has changed over the last years. Not every document at our desk is on paper, much is sent to us directly online to avoid unnecessary post. Being aware of these changes, OXSEED has created the electronic archive myOXSEED, which makes it possible for the users to store, retrieve, and archive their documents professionally anytime and anywhere. The special feature of archiving in the cloud is that users only need an Internet connection to access their documents from all over the world.
For example, in case of an accident on holiday or during a business trip, important insurance information can be picked out just with a login and a password in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

The provided storage space is allocated on secure servers in German data centers of OXSEED, where the data of large companies are also stored and protected with the highest and most advanced safety standards. This makes OXSEED stand out among conventional online-storage-services.

“The reason why we can speak of a revolutionary platform is that myOXSEED professional archiving is offered to individual users for the first time. You have to differentiate between saving and archiving.” says Jörn Schneider, product manager of OXSEED AG. “We guarantee to myOXSEED users legal and audit proof security for their documents, so they not only find and retrieve their documents from anywhere quickly, they also are prepared for each tax audit,” adds marketing manager Regina Matt.

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