Experience Cloud Computing Live

OXCHANGE is the meeting point for those using, providing, and interested in cloud computing

Bielefeld, June 1, 2011

Concepts for the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) raise the quality of the information technology up to a totally new level. Customers can purchase all applications as a service from one central provider and start using these applications from the very first day. The software manufacturer OXSEED invites users, providers, and those who are interested to the OXCHANGE 2011 to discuss about the realization of complex business processes in the cloud and to update their knowledge.

In today’s era of globalization, with companies still coping with the impact of the economic crisis, these companies see the need for the most economic use of their resources. In this context, cloud computing brings new opportunities for simplifying processes through the use of a centralized software, which can be easily applied by all users. The underlying software is run on a central computing center. The users work with standard Web browsers.

How to benefit from software as a service is the central topic of OXCHANGE. During this event, the most diverse speakers report on what cloud computing means to their companies and describe use cases which led their companies to the cloud. Technical details and complementary partner offerings will also be presented during the OXCHANGE to give a most comprehensive insight into different topics. Cloud computing is real and can be delivered as hands-on experience through an example of the OXSEED platform itself. Any participant of the OXCHANGE can use a generated password to log in to the OXSEED platform and experience using the software.

The advances in the development for the cloud and SaaS concepts during the last 2 years become apparent when we compare OXCHANGE 2009 with 2011. Whilst in 2009, the software was considered a replacement of paper – in archives, delivery correspondence, invoice processing– , today companies want to completely map business processes from provider to customer in the Internet and to gain the benefits of added value.

The focus of the discussion and presentations at the OXCHANGE – Condor Flugdienst GmbH, active logistics GmbH are among others – are concepts and solutions for using electronic means to ban the cost- and processing-intensive use of paper from all processes.

The speakers report about how they used e-invoicing, e-billing, electronic archives, and transformation technology to add speed and to reduce costs. The basis is the OXSEED On-Demand-Platform – and products and services related to enterprise content management and business process management.

„The culture and quality of a company is mirrored by the technical means they use to meet their challenges and to network with their business partners”, says Marcus Hartmann, Management of OXSEED AG. “We provide to those responsible the most modern and the best tools for improving these factors most significantly.”