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Pandemic emergency plan

Pandemic emergency plan

For the current crisis situation (covid-19), the management of Maas Holding GmbH has developed and prepared a pandemic emergency plan with measures to prevent and maintain health. Our services remain and we continue to strive to offer our customers the best possible support, further developments and services even in this exceptional crisis situation.

On our website you will of course find our pandemic emergency plan and the associated emergency measures. This is always kept up to date and updated with innovations so that our customers and interested parties stay up to date.

Merger of the companies GmbH with Maas Holding GmbH


Merger of the companies GmbH and Maas Holding GmbH

On January 1st, 2020, we decided to merge the companies GmbH and Maas Holding GmbH. merges with Maas Holding and becomes a part of it. We are convinced that the merger of and the Maas Holding will lay the foundation for a future-oriented as well as further trusting and successful cooperation. We would like to ask you to send your correspondence from 01.01.2020 onwards only to the following address:

Maas Holding GmbH

Egartenstr. 7/1

70794 Filderstadt