News 2011

OXSEED servicing the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen in Africa!

“To help people in need of care worldwide. From human being to human being.” That is the motto of the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. As a sign of humanity they have been working for the people in need worldwide for many years. Now OXSEED supports them in their work at two hospitals in the outback in Doung and Rumbek as well as at the base station in Sudan. Acting fast and effectively on an international level plays a most important role in this case.

The transparency of their work is of particular importance to an aid- and human-rights organization such as Hoffnungszeichen. Lastly, the organization was awarded a special prize by PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers).

Especially invoices, coming in at the locations in Africa or the head office in Singen, which are directly verified, approved, paid and arranged will be administered in the OXSEED Archive in the future. This platform establishes a central access for all responsible team members. Long and time-consuming postal deliveries are avoided and the time required for storing and searching is reduced. At the same time, the administration costs could be reduced and the transparency of their invoice management accomplished.

The resulting savings in time and charges make it possible for the assistants to concentrate their efforts on their core business: Namely, to help fast and effectively!

The OXSEED product development is expanded by “Mobile Service” Team

OXSEED develops steadily as business as well as in relation to our on demand platform! Therefore, we are pleased that our development department is being extended with a “Mobile Service” team in Hanoi, Vietnam.

About a year ago, we extended our existing contacts in Vietnam to find the right people for the development of various apps. Internal projects of OXSEED gave information about the possibilities and functionalities that could be implemented with the team in Hanoi.

To create a good basis for future cooperation, Nguyen Phuc Thinh and Do Ngoc Trang visited us in Filderstadt in order to work in a team together with German and Ukrainian colleagues for a month. It was the first visit of the Vietnamese in Europe, so the weekends were used for an extensive sight-seeing.

With their long experience and extensive know-how as “Mobile Services” – developers, both of them and their colleagues now support our development to continually improve OXSEED and provide our customers new services. Consequently, we look forward to welcome the development center Vietnam on our OXSEED team!


f. left: Wolfgang Maas (CIO), Nguyen Phuc Thinh (Teamleader iOS, Social Web Applications), Daniel Colucci (Product-Manager), Yevgen Malafeyev (Development Manager), Do Ngoc Trang (Teamleader Android, Google Apps), Jörn Schneider (Product-Manager)

Web based processes for payables without media disruption with Diamant and OXSEED

The use of modern information technology and a simultaneous implementation of a high automation level clearly improve the quality of the processes for payables in enterprises. The required time need for single invoices is reduced, the transparency in the work flow is increased and the solvency is secured.

Common customers of Diamant Software GmbH & Co. KG and OXSEED AG have realized this and because of that the development of a software interface was pushed on. By switching to digital processes, i.e. to an automated invoice processing, our customers are enabled to save about 50% of the costs for data recording, workflow and archiving.

With OXSEED Invoices incoming bills are handled web based and the persons responsible have a structured overview of all billing data and the processing stages. This solution covers all financial accounting steps: from the manual or automatic invoice receipt and data entry, review, release, approval, allocation and posting to the accounts.

The booking itself takes place in the financial accounting system of the Diamant Software GmbH & Co. KG. Via our interface to Diamant the OXSEED user has the possibility to initiate the posting without media disruption in the accounting system. Here the booking data, which is already available in OXSEED, is automatically used cross-system and the invoice is entered in real-time in the system of Diamant.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities, which an optimization of the processes for payables implicate.

Haben Sie Lust auf einen Berlin-Urlaub im 5-Sterne Hotel?

Dann sollten Sie schnell bei diesem Facebook Gewinnspiel teilnehmen!

OXSEED verlost einen Kurzurlaub für zwei Personen unter den ersten Facebook-Fans. Das besondere ist die recht gute Gewinnchance!

Der Kurzurlaub mit zwei Übernachtungen für zwei Personen und Frühstück wird unter den ersten Facebook Fans verlost.

Besuchen Sie unser Firmenprofil auf facebook (, klicken Sie in der linken Navigation auf “Gewinnspiel” und nehmen Sie an unserer Verlosung teil!

Das Gewinnspiel endet am 31.08.2011. Der Gewinner wird über facebook benachrichtigt.

Experience Cloud Computing Live

OXCHANGE is the meeting point for those using, providing, and interested in cloud computing

Bielefeld, June 1, 2011

Concepts for the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) raise the quality of the information technology up to a totally new level. Customers can purchase all applications as a service from one central provider and start using these applications from the very first day. The software manufacturer OXSEED invites users, providers, and those who are interested to the OXCHANGE 2011 to discuss about the realization of complex business processes in the cloud and to update their knowledge.

In today’s era of globalization, with companies still coping with the impact of the economic crisis, these companies see the need for the most economic use of their resources. In this context, cloud computing brings new opportunities for simplifying processes through the use of a centralized software, which can be easily applied by all users. The underlying software is run on a central computing center. The users work with standard Web browsers.

How to benefit from software as a service is the central topic of OXCHANGE. During this event, the most diverse speakers report on what cloud computing means to their companies and describe use cases which led their companies to the cloud. Technical details and complementary partner offerings will also be presented during the OXCHANGE to give a most comprehensive insight into different topics. Cloud computing is real and can be delivered as hands-on experience through an example of the OXSEED platform itself. Any participant of the OXCHANGE can use a generated password to log in to the OXSEED platform and experience using the software.

The advances in the development for the cloud and SaaS concepts during the last 2 years become apparent when we compare OXCHANGE 2009 with 2011. Whilst in 2009, the software was considered a replacement of paper – in archives, delivery correspondence, invoice processing– , today companies want to completely map business processes from provider to customer in the Internet and to gain the benefits of added value.

The focus of the discussion and presentations at the OXCHANGE – Condor Flugdienst GmbH, active logistics GmbH are among others – are concepts and solutions for using electronic means to ban the cost- and processing-intensive use of paper from all processes.

The speakers report about how they used e-invoicing, e-billing, electronic archives, and transformation technology to add speed and to reduce costs. The basis is the OXSEED On-Demand-Platform – and products and services related to enterprise content management and business process management.

„The culture and quality of a company is mirrored by the technical means they use to meet their challenges and to network with their business partners”, says Marcus Hartmann, Management of OXSEED AG. “We provide to those responsible the most modern and the best tools for improving these factors most significantly.”

BOPS powered by AFP2web

The BIT Gruppe uses AFP2web for more powerful software

Since last year, OXSEED has been working together with the BIT Gruppe. The partnership has resulted from a request by a leading insurance company belonging to the customer base of BIT. This company wanted to facilitate the communication with their insurance customers by moving the previous standard postal correspondence to communication via the Internet.

The insurance company uses the insurance system „BOPS“, which was developed by BIT, to centrally control the daily production of high-volume data and to preprocess the data for the printing and dispatch center.

The AFP2web software of OXSEED, which has been embedded, converts data to the Web-compatible PDF format. This makes it possible to send data securely by e-mail if required. The advantage for the insurance policy holder is the speed up in the communication and a quicker receipt of insurance benefits.

The insurance system BOPS with the embedded AFP2web offers a future-oriented process support, which helps the insurance company meet the demands of the “Internet era”.

OXSEED celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 years of software development, 25 years of innovation, 25 years as a solution provider

Hardly any other market has undergone such radical changes as the IT industry. When we look back on our own turbulent past in the area of software development, we see that exactly this type of change and innovation has always been fascinating for us.

When we first started business on April 26, 1986, we committed ourselves to providing requirements-driven, modern, and future-safe software solutions. In the course of time, we have evolved from a provider of custom software to a pioneer in the area of Software-as-a-Service with our OXSEED On-Demand platform.

Thanks to the various opportunities offered by the age of the Internet, we can now offer first-class cloud services for document management. Therefore, we are looking forward to present our latest developments at the OXCHANGE taking place in Berlin this year. From September 30 to October 1, 2011, we shall meet in Grand Hotel Esplanade with our customers, partners, and with those interested to discuss about the latest trends and news.

OXSEED presents itself on Facebook.

In recent months, social networks have received astounding growth rates. The representation of businesses on networks like Facebook is increasingly in demand. For us, this rapid growth did not escape our notice: Therefore, OXSEED now presents itself next to XING and Twitter on Facebook!

This makes it especially easy to find out about the latest facts and events around OXSEED.

As a fan, you will regularly find interesting news and information on current events. And because pictures say it all, we share the experiences in the form of photos with you.

We look forward to your visit:

Facebook MAAS.

OXSEED brings transparency into invoice processing

The potential analysis unveils the hidden costs of the financial department.

Bielefeld, March 24, 2011

Many companies think about either complementing their paper-bound processes of their financial departments with modern, digital processes or about completely moving to a fully digital document processing. In most cases the first step is not possible because both the necessary background information and a professional cost-benefit analysis are missing. For this reason, OXSEED offers a comprehensive potential analysis to achieve transparency.

Since October 2009, OXSEED AG offers the service of analyzing a company’s invoice handling process. The potential analysis investigates the actual situation and works out at common understanding of the process. In the next step, both OXSEED and the persons responsible develop a planned ideal scenario for an electronic invoice processing.

In most of the companies, the complete invoice processing chain is paper-bound. This slows down the process due to the long mailing route and high administration effort. The experts of the software manufacturer OXSEED analyze these processes, they measure, for example, the throughput time of an incoming invoice and they make an assessment.

Together with the persons responsible, they calculate the hidden costs, the loss of time and the waste of resources. In a final examination, the potential analysis works out proposals for change. Analysis, costing calculation and possible improvements all flow into a documentation of the results.

“Many companies have realized that the move from a paper-bound invoice processing to an electronic process brings about many advantages and that the efficiency of the staff is significantly improved”, says Marcus Hartmann, member of the board of directors at OXSEED AG.

“If you need a complete picture of your processes and convincing arguments for a change, you can make use of our offer to conduct a complete, cost-free process analysis. If necessary, we recommend the next steps to take and, if requested for, we introduce a concept for electronic invoice processing with OXSEED. We present the concept will a detailed list of costs and the resulting benefits and can also provide the implementation of the concept.

OXSEED sponsored more than 200 pupils and students a visit to CeBIT in Hannover.

As usual, OXSEED presented itself this year once again at the CeBIT in Hannover. To give interested students the possibility to join the event and to get informed about the new trends in the IT-scene, OXSEED sponsored the trip for more than 200 pupils and students. Every day a minimum of 40 pupils and students went on a return journey from different universities and academies in Bielefeld to Hannover.

Adorned with an OXSEED shirt, they were walking all over the huge exhibition center.

Particularly our trainees enjoyed presenting the OXSEED AG and our products to their classes, which also joined us for one day at the CeBIT.

The campaign not only aimed to awake the interests of the students, but also gained much notice because of the shirts. As a result, the OXSEED shirts attracted a lot of people to the OXSEED booth.
We really appreciate the cooperation with the students and the teachers. We are looking back to an exciting week at the CeBIT in Hannover.