News 2011

OXSEED servicing the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen in Africa!

“To help people in need of care worldwide. From human being to human being.” That is the motto of the aid organization Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. As a sign of humanity they have been working for the people in need worldwide for many years. Now OXSEED supports them in their work at two hospitals in the outback in Doung and Rumbek as well as at the base station in Sudan. Acting fast and effectively on an international level plays a most important role in this case.

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The OXSEED product development is expanded by “Mobile Service” Team

OXSEED develops steadily as business as well as in relation to our on demand platform! Therefore, we are pleased that our development department is being extended with a “Mobile Service” team in Hanoi, Vietnam.

About a year ago, we extended our existing contacts in Vietnam to find the right people for the development of various apps. Internal projects of OXSEED gave information about the possibilities and functionalities that could be implemented with the team in Hanoi.

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Experience Cloud Computing Live

OXCHANGE is the meeting point for those using, providing, and interested in cloud computing

Bielefeld, June 1, 2011

Concepts for the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) raise the quality of the information technology up to a totally new level. Customers can purchase all applications as a service from one central provider and start using these applications from the very first day. The software manufacturer OXSEED invites users, providers, and those who are interested to the OXCHANGE 2011 to discuss about the realization of complex business processes in the cloud and to update their knowledge.

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BOPS powered by AFP2web

The BIT Gruppe uses AFP2web for more powerful software

Since last year, OXSEED has been working together with the BIT Gruppe. The partnership has resulted from a request by a leading insurance company belonging to the customer base of BIT. This company wanted to facilitate the communication with their insurance customers by moving the previous standard postal correspondence to communication via the Internet.

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OXSEED celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 years of software development, 25 years of innovation, 25 years as a solution provider

Hardly any other market has undergone such radical changes as the IT industry. When we look back on our own turbulent past in the area of software development, we see that exactly this type of change and innovation has always been fascinating for us.

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OXSEED presents itself on Facebook.

In recent months, social networks have received astounding growth rates. The representation of businesses on networks like Facebook is increasingly in demand. For us, this rapid growth did not escape our notice: Therefore, OXSEED now presents itself next to XING and Twitter on Facebook!

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OXSEED brings transparency into invoice processing

The potential analysis unveils the hidden costs of the financial department.

Bielefeld, March 24, 2011

Many companies think about either complementing their paper-bound processes of their financial departments with modern, digital processes or about completely moving to a fully digital document processing. In most cases the first step is not possible because both the necessary background information and a professional cost-benefit analysis are missing. For this reason, OXSEED offers a comprehensive potential analysis to achieve transparency.

Since October 2009, OXSEED AG offers the service of analyzing a company’s invoice handling process. The potential analysis investigates the actual situation and works out at common understanding of the process. In the next step, both OXSEED and the persons responsible develop a planned ideal scenario for an electronic invoice processing.

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OXSEED sponsored more than 200 pupils and students a visit to CeBIT in Hannover.

As usual, OXSEED presented itself this year once again at the CeBIT in Hannover. To give interested students the possibility to join the event and to get informed about the new trends in the IT-scene, OXSEED sponsored the trip for more than 200 pupils and students. Every day a minimum of 40 pupils and students went on a return journey from different universities and academies in Bielefeld to Hannover.

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