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Oriented towards customer requirements, OXSEED restructures the on demand offering

When we started work on offering and running software solutions in the Internet, cloud computing was still unimaginable to most people. What previously was a matter only for pioneers, now belongs – according to the Gartner marketing research institute – to the top 3 of the most important IT trends of 2011.

When our new OXSEED release becomes due in 2011, we shall restructure our on-demand offering to better meet the requirements of a developing market and the needs of our customers.

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OXSEED introduces AFP2web® 4.0

The new version processes 100 thousands of documents every day

Bielefeld, July 27, 2010
The goal of many IT managers is to use software to convert and administer the complete postal communication. This should happen without any restrictions on the format of the documents created by the employees and the format expected by the recipients. For this purpose, the latest version of AFP2web® of OXSEED AG builds a centralized solution capable of replacing all the other conversion tools of the IT departments. The software manufacturer announces the availability of AFP2web® 4.0 at the beginning of August 2010. The product sets new standards for performance with respect to the number of the conversion formats.

In large company groups, such as the SANLAM Group, one of the two largest financial service providers of South Africa, many thousands of employees create hundred thousands of documents every day. The offices and agencies create cover letters, invoices, contracts, financial statements, or reminders in the most various data formats without any dependency on the available computer equipment. To deliver these documents from a central location, the IT department converts them to a universal format. Up to now, the companies normally operate with many small solutions created by various programmers, each of them handling a specific conversion process.

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OXSEED and 4cast extend their long-term partnership

Bielefeld, June 17, 2010
Since 2003, the 4cast Consulting for Software and Technology e.K acts as consulting and sales partner of the OXSEED Aktiengesellschaft. The formation of 4cast Software GmbH extends the long-term partnership. The company serves as a sales support for the OXSEED product and SaaS portfolio in the German-speaking world. Next to the sales aspect, the extended partnership brings an additional synergy effect on customer care and support.

The co-operation between OXSEED AG and the 4cast Consulting for Software and Technology e.K. persists for more than seven years. As a software manufacturer, the OXSEED AG will concentrate more closely on software development as its core competency. This requires an extension and rearrangement of its existing partnerships.

We are happy to announce that OXSEED AG has chosen 4cast Software GmbH to act as its highly valued consulting and sales partner. As a benefit, all current customers shall receive a customer care and premium support. In addition, customers participate in the development of new and extended products and services.

The extended partnership is viewed by both companies as a clear advantage for customers who benefit from the added value of 4cast and receive the high-quality products and services of OXSEED.

HALLESCHE: Efficiency through electronic claims processing

3500 claim cases per day are investigated in a non-paper format, released for processing and electronically archived

Stuttgart, June 16, 2010
By moving to a digital processing of claims, the HALLESCHE Krankenversicherung highly improves the efficiency of its administration. The persons responsible decided to use the document management system of the producer OXSEED to process claims.

The key processes for reading, investigating and processing of documents are already handled by IT systems of the HALLESCHE Krankenversicherung. Since the year 2003, the software of OXSEED supports the insurance company’s handling of about 3500 claims per day.

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Delivering scanned documents directly to the desktop via Internet

Extending the successful cooperation between KODAK and OXSEED

Bielefeld, June 14, 2010

Following their successful cooperation in the area of marketing, KODAK and OXSEED now launch a joint solution which simplifies and accelerates the handling of business documents. The program is integrated in the network-ready new KODAK Scan Station 500. Its task is to deliver scanned documents directly to the OXSEED platform – from there, the respective process for document handling is automatically started.

OXSEED used the integration tools of KODAK to develop an interface between the OXSEED On Demand platform and the KODAK Scan Station 500. This makes it possible for the users of the scan station to select the OXSEED platform as a target system for the scanned documents. When selected, the image of a scanned document will be delivered to the workstations of OXSEED users via Internet.

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Oxseed successful attendance at the CeBIT 2010

As usual, the OXSEED corporation was also represented at the CeBIT this year. The company observed a great interest in the unique platform “OXSEED”. Many visitors caught up on the modern ECM and EDT solutions that support users comprehensively in the management of their business documents. Depending on the task, OXSEED offers solutions for the topics: digital mailroom, electronic invoice receipt and outgoing invoices, electronic contract management and digital archive.

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OXSEED presents a document management concept at the CeBIT

The on-demand model was the basis for a successful year 2009

Bielefeld, 16.02.2010
The OXSEED Corporation is pleased to attract a strong interest in its “software-as-a-service“ solutions. In contrast to the economic trend, the company enjoys sustained growth, has expanded its customer base significantly, and now looks back on a successful year 2009. At the CeBIT 2010, OXSEED will present the SaaS concept at the stand of KODAK and will thus set the stage for further growth.

All visitors of the CeBIT are invited to learn about the successful OXSEED platform. The company enables its customers to digitize, manage and archive all documents of an organization according to the “cloud” concept.

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