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OXSEED publish new AFP2web® Update

OXSEED publish new AFP2web® Update
We are pleased to announce that AFP2web® v3.3 has been released! It contains some minor bug fixing as well as some new and extended features:

1. Additional Support for substituting PDF fonts having Identity-H, Custom or Built-In encoding has been added.
2. Access to text objects having Identity-H, Custom or Built-In encoding through the Scripting Facility has been extended.
3. Mixed Mode Data (MMD) processing has been extended.
4. Support for PNG Output has been added.
5. A further flush option for AFP2PDF conversion.

This update is free of charge for our customers with a valid software service contract.

Chamber of commerce graduates

Chamber of commerce graduates

Mr. Manuel Welz and Mr. Baris Cubukcouglu have successfully completed their vocational training at OXSEED. Mr. Welz is now IT specialist for system integration after passing the examination at the IHK (chamber of commerce) on July, 6, 2009 and is now in regular employment in the Data Center division in Filderstadt.
Mr. Cubukcuoglu successfully completed his vocational training as IT specialist for application development on July 24, 2009 and also has been taken over in regular employment. Now he is working in one of our project teams for custom software development in Filderstadt.

We congratulate both of them cordially for their success and look forward to their engagement in our company.

Steigenberger Hotel Group utilizes OXSEED invoice processing

Steigenberger Hotel Group utilizes the invoice processing services of OXSEED AG

Bielefeld, May 26, 2009
Steigenberger Hotel Group utilizes the invoice processing services of OXSEED AG
The Steigenberger Hotel Group is shifting the complete invoice processing chain from paper-bound processes to the software services of OXSEED AG. The immediate business benefits include the higher quality of data and, in addition, the acceleration and improved control of the data streaming throughout a highly complex organization.

84 hotels world-wide, each with their own business administrative responsibilities, each with their own financial accounting and billing – the administration apparatus of Steigenberger Hotel Group is highly branched, complex, and digitized to a great extent

The employees verify about 125 000 invoices per year and finally send the data records to the central financial accounting. All data converge at the corporate headquarters in Frankfurt and flow into the quarterly, half-year, and yearly reports. In parallel, the company also evaluates the data bases using a balanced scorecard system for cost management.

To meet the growing requirements on internal and external accounting, those responsible recognized the need to accelerate the data flow and thus to raise the level of quality and actuality of the reports.

The decision was to completely digitize all incoming paper and the follow-on processes and to hand it over to the OXSEED AG in Bielefeld. With this transformation, another goal could be achieved: the rigorous reduction of the costs of invoice processing.
“We helped those responsible at Steigenberger Hotel Group to achieve the ‘virtual restart’ for the company’s invoice processing”, says Marcus Hartmann, Head of Sales and Business Operations at OXSEED AG.

“Hotel by hotel, we shall transform paper-bound process to digital processes and take the responsibility of running these services in our computing center as ‘Software-as-a-Service’. New investments are not necessary for this system transformation because there is no need to invest in hardware.”

The Role of AFP2web in OXSEED

Use and interplay of AFP2web in OXSEED

AFP2web is a highly scalable software solution for the capture, indexing, splitting, conversion, distribution, and archival of digital documents and high-volume print data streams..

AFP2web makes it possible to transform existing data and documents into any type of data and document format. Next to the 1:1-conversion to any other document format, you also have the option to generate new documents and data structures as output and even enhance this output with information from external resources. Beyond that, AFP2web is an integral component of the OXSEED On Demand platform, thus providing digital document and print data through any channel in the context of “Electronic Document Delivery (EDD)”.
The tight integration with OXSEED leads to functional enhancements of AFP2web as a standalone product. The continued development and field tests of new AFP2web features are now taking place. A few examples:

  • The format specialist AFP2web enhances the format options: The previous formats for print data streams (AFP, raster formats) remain in focus. In addition, the support for new formats is under way: PDF, EDIFACT, XML/XSL-FO, Office documents, E-mail, line printer data (LPD), mixed-mode data (MMD).
  • AFP2web extends existing and adds new interfaces: AFP2web continues to serve external archival systems and also adds new interfaces to the OXSEED Desktop, Fax delivery, E-mail delivery, new external workflow and archival systems.
  • New functional features are planned: Within OXSEED, AFP2web is – from a technical point of view – just a service next to other services. However, the functional capabilities of AFP2web are pivotal. Working as a multifunctional conversion and data extraction engine, AFP2web delivers the base technology for the OXSEED Transformation Services.