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Maas High Tech Software GmbH company merger with OXSEED AG is effective on January 1, 2009

Maas High Tech Software GmbH merges with OXSEED AG on January 1, 2009

Filderstadt, December 19, 2008
Effective on January 1, 2009, the company Maas High Tech Software GmbH will merge with the OXSEED Corporation and do business under the name OXSEED AG. The company resulting from the merger will work with 70 employees to develop custom and requirements-based “business process” and “output management” solutions for the national and international market.

The company merger is yet another step of the OXSEED AG to strengthen its positioning in the international market and to react to the massive changes in the enterprise software market. As soon as 2006, the founding year of OXSEED AG, the company’s attention was focused on “SaaS”: Software as a Service. OXSEED achieved a breakthrough in the national market and enduring success with the innovative and alternative business model not for selling IT systems but, instead, for leasing software to customers in return for low-cost, usage-based payments. Continue reading