The Role of AFP2web in OXSEED

Use and interplay of AFP2web in OXSEED

AFP2web is a highly scalable software solution for the capture, indexing, splitting, conversion, distribution, and archival of digital documents and high-volume print data streams..

AFP2web makes it possible to transform existing data and documents into any type of data and document format. Next to the 1:1-conversion to any other document format, you also have the option to generate new documents and data structures as output and even enhance this output with information from external resources. Beyond that, AFP2web is an integral component of the OXSEED On Demand platform, thus providing digital document and print data through any channel in the context of “Electronic Document Delivery (EDD)”.
The tight integration with OXSEED leads to functional enhancements of AFP2web as a standalone product. The continued development and field tests of new AFP2web features are now taking place. A few examples:

  • The format specialist AFP2web enhances the format options: The previous formats for print data streams (AFP, raster formats) remain in focus. In addition, the support for new formats is under way: PDF, EDIFACT, XML/XSL-FO, Office documents, E-mail, line printer data (LPD), mixed-mode data (MMD).
  • AFP2web extends existing and adds new interfaces: AFP2web continues to serve external archival systems and also adds new interfaces to the OXSEED Desktop, Fax delivery, E-mail delivery, new external workflow and archival systems.
  • New functional features are planned: Within OXSEED, AFP2web is – from a technical point of view – just a service next to other services. However, the functional capabilities of AFP2web are pivotal. Working as a multifunctional conversion and data extraction engine, AFP2web delivers the base technology for the OXSEED Transformation Services.