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Data Protection and Privacy Statement.
This web site is maintained by Maas Holding GmbH according to the data protection and privacy guidelines described below. Maas is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. We strive to ensure security and protection for the users of our Web site. The purpose of this statement is to inform you about how we use the personal data which you provide to us when using this Web site. It does not apply to the information we receive through other channels. This statement applies both to our contractual partners and to individual users.

Maas follows the principles set out by applicable data protection laws and regulations. These principles regulate the processing of your personal data and grant to you various rights over your personal data. Our website contains links to other third-party Web sites, which we do not control. Please note that Maas is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these third-party Web sites. You are encouraged to review the privacy statements of these Web sites for information on how they collect, use, and disclose information. This statement on data protection and privacy applies only to the information we collect through our Website.

We process the information you provide to us according to the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“EU Data Protection Directive”), the respective national laws of the EU member states, which enforce the EU Data Protection Directive, and the Data Protection Law of Switzerland (DPL) and all the provisions of current and future Swiss data protection legislation. This statement of data protection and privacy meets the requirements of US safe harbor privacy principles which conform to the EU Data Protection Directive.

Exemption from liability for downloadable software: The statement of data protection and privacy applies only to the data, recorded through this Web site. It does not apply to data, which might be recorded by the software downloaded from the site.

Data Protection and Privacy Statement by Maas
Maas makes this statement of data protection and privacy (“Statement”) to confirm that we have made a commitment to protect the personal data of our customers. This Statement of the Maas Website (“Site”) is of utmost importance to us. Because we collect important data from our visitors and customers, we provide this Statement as a means of informing you about our practices of collecting and sharing data. We reserve the right to change this Statement, in which case we shall provide a duly announcement at least thirty (30) business days before implementing this change.

Data Collection and Use
We require customers, who register to use the services offered at our Site, to provide contact information, such as their name, company name, postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address. We also request for information for credit rating and billing purposes, such as the name and address of the payee, the credit card number, the number of users within the organization, and the services used. If customers request to obtain additional information or register for services, then we may request for additional personal data, such as a person’s title, the name of the department, the fax number, or for additional company information, such as yearly turnover, number of employees, and branch of industry. Customers may choose not to enter this additional information simply by not filling out the entry fields. Customers may update or remove their personal information at any time by logging on to the Site and by editing their personal data in the configuration (setup). Customers can view their updated profile to confirm that their changes have been saved.

Maas uses the data we collect to configure services for individual users and their organizations. We also use personal information to communicate with you. We may communicate with you and respond to your inquiries about Maas and we may send you information, such as promotional mailings or notification of events, and to deliver information about our enterprise or partners. We do not disclose e-mail addresses nor do we share personal customer information with any other third-party. Customers can choose to stop our direct communication and the delivery of information at any time by sending a notification by e-mail to We also request a customer to enter an e-mail address when registering with a service, so that we can send a user name and password. We may send information about service updates and company news by e-mail. When doing this, we do not disclose the customer’s e-mail address nor do we share this address with any third party, and customers can stop the delivery of this information by sending a notification by e-mail to at the time they receive such information or when they register for a service.

We do not transfer the information we collect to any third-party. The exceptions to this rule are: our request for information with our explicit notification about this transfer of information; a transfer of information as stipulated in a Maas subscription contract. The financial and billing information we collect on our Site is only used to determine the credit rating of prospect customers and for the billing of services. Maas does not use financial information for the purposes of marketing or promotion. Maas uses a third party service for processing credit card payments. This third party is not authorized to store, retain, or to use the data supplied for any purpose other than the processing of credit card payments. Another third party, for example a content provider, is allowed to provide content on our Site, but is not allowed to collect data; Maas does not pass user data to this third party.

Subscribers to services use the Site’s central server for data and information (“Data”). This Data is not verified by Maas. Maas does not use, distribute, print, or publish this Data for any purpose other than in the limited circumstances defined by the Maas framework subscription contract or governed by law. Access to personal-identified Data is only permitted for the purposes of problem resolution, support, or the investigation of an indicated breach of a subscription contract, and only within the limits defined by law. We expect that our customers take full responsibility of preserving the confidentiality and security of their user name and passwords.

Maas may further collect the specific data of customers and other visitors of the site, for example internet addresses. We store this Data to diagnose technical problems, to maintain our Site, and to  continuously improve the quality of our services. We may also collect, analyze, and pass non-identifying and statistical summary Data to third parties to inform about the general usage and the data volumes processed by our visitors and customers.

We attempt to make your dialog with the Maas Web site as simple and as useful as possible. When you visit our Web site, our Web server sends a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is sent by our Web site server to the browser and placed on your hard disk. Cookies contain information about whether the customer or visitor has previously accessed our Site or not.

A cookie alone does not identify you personally. The cookie identifies only your browser. You remain anonymous to Maas until you explicitly identify yourself, either by answering a promotional offer, opening an account, or by registering for a 30-day trial. There are two forms of cookies: a session cookie and a resident cookie. A session cookie exists only during an online session and disappears from the computer as soon as you close your browser or turn off your computer. A resident cookie remains on your computer after closing the browser or turning off your computer. A resident cookie contains information such as the unique identification of your browser.

Maas uses session cookies, which contain encrypted information that uniquely identifies you within the system as long as your are logged in. This information is used by Maas to process your online transactions and requests. Session cookies help us to verify your identity against your login data and your authorization for using the services of the Maas Rich Internet application. Maas uses resident cookies, which only Maas can read and process, to verify that you are either an Maas customer or that you have previously entered the Maas Website as a visitor. We take special care of the information stored in resident cookies with respect to security and confidentiality. For example, we never store account numbers or passwords in resident cookies. Users, who deactivate the receipt of cookies, are still capable of navigating through our Web site, but cannot successfully use our services.

Third-party cookies: From time to time, we use the third-party services to monitor and analyze non-identifying usage statistics or summary data on the users of our Site in order to help us improve our Site and service quality. These third-parties may use cookies to study user behavior. Such cookies are not used to associate the users of a Site with any personal Data. All Data collected by a third party on behalf of Maas is only used to obtain information about the usage of our Site and is not provided to any other third party.

Third Party Sites
Our Site contains links to other Web sites. Maas is not responsible for the data protection practices or the contents of these other Web sites. Customers and visitors are obliged to review the data protection policies of these other Web sites. Customers and visitors which access a link on our Site might possibly pass personal data to a third party Web site. In this case, the customer is responsible for the protection of his or her personal data.

We have implemented security measures in our Site, which protect data, which we control, from loss, misuse, and manipulation. Maas runs the Site in a secure server environment, which uses firewall and other modern technologies to prevent interruptions or intrusion attempts. Finally, Maas uses user names and passwords, which are unique and which need to be entered at every login. These security measures help prevent unauthorized access, preserve the accuracy of the data, and ensure the proper the use of the data.

User Options for the Use of Data
Maas offers to its users and customers preferences for the use of the data they provide. At any time after registering with Maas to obtain information or buy services, you can decide to change your preferences for receiving information from us or the options for sharing data with third-parties. All you have to do is send us an e-mail and inform us about your new preferences. Just send a notification by e-mail to

Additional Informationen
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or practices, please send your inquiries to the security administrator of Maas by e-mail to or in writing to Maas Holding GmbH, Egartenstr. 7/1, D-70794 Filderstadt, Germany.